Set Lunch

Monday to Friday (except public holidays) 11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Starter included: you can choose piquant soup* / mini spring rolls / 
miso soup / mixed salad. Rice and dessert included.
M1. Fried rice with vegetables (without or with egg*) 5,20
M2. Fried noodles with vegetables 5,80
M3. Crispy chicken with wok vegetables 6,80
scharf M4. Soy meat with chestnuts 6,80
scharf M5. Chicken sweet-sour with garlic 6,50
M6. Wok vegetables with tofu 6,10
M7. Tofu balls sweet-sour 6,10
M8. Smoked crispy chicken with soybean sprouts 6,80
scharf M9. Mango curry chicken 6,80
scharf M10. Eight treasures (various kinds of meat with vegetables) 6,80
Due to the low prices the set lunches can not be paid with credit cards.
Thank you for your understanding!